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From The OC to San Diego to Los Angeles, Raman has lived in southern California for the majority of his life. He attended high school in Orange County and spent his 20's in San Diego, where he received his bachelor's degree in cognitive and computer science. He thrives on traveling, guitar, basketball, beach volleyball ... and most importantly, showing people a good time. He has been running the Hosteling International (Santa Monica) pub crawl for over a year and has been in the backpacker circuit for well over 14 years. He has traveled to over 45 countries and has realized that it's not just the the place that makes the best memories, but the people we meet. He wants you to have fun with this tour, make new friends and just have a good time.



Kevin’s passion for traveling began at 12 years old with a bus trip through Europe with his grandmother. Since then, he’s sampled local cuisine, nursed hangovers, and visited countless religious edifices in over 40 countries on 6 continents. In between, he somehow managed to get a law degree from Georgetown University. Through his travels he has learned a couple of important lessons: people are fundamentally good (but don’t fall asleep on a bus in Peru without locking your bag to something); respect other cultures (but keep in mind that a belief in reincarnation leads to reckless driving); be independent (but when you really want to experience a place, go with a local!).


Some say he spent ten years in college to become a Lawctor, and that he loves eating Mac ‘n Cheese while watching Star Wars and might be one of the loudest people ever.  All we know is, he’s called the Director of Awesomeness!  Scott was born in California, then moved to Texas, then came back to California where he can regularly be found wandering the streets of Santa Monica or taking care of his grandma in some place called Glendora.  He has been running the Santa Monica Hosteling International Pub Crawl since 2010 and is always down for a good time.  An avid sports fan, he loves American football (49ers), basketball (Lakers), baseball (Dodgers), golf, ping pong and frisbee golf.  Scott is a karaoke all-star, Jedi Master in Tetris, amateur professional photographer, power schmoozer and frequents several music festivals in his spare time.  If you see this man, beware, because the time of your life is about to follow!


Raul is a natural born entertainer. Whether it’s performing for a sold out crowd at a local comedy club or just helping people enjoy the best sites around L.A., Raul has an undeniable passion for people and laughter.  Born and raised in Southern California, Raul’s ridiculously large Mexican family spans half the globe. You may better recognize them as the Verizon Network. But a midst the endless quinceneras and birthday parties, Raul managed to study Theatre and Communication at Cal State University, Long Beach. It was during those years that he learned that Happy Hour and studying don’t always have to be separate.  However his true passion has always been for the stage. Raul has performed at some of the best comedy clubs in Los Angeles including The Hollywood Improv, The Icehouse, The World Famous Comedy Store and his very own show at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca. On top of being a talented standup comic, Raul currently works as an actor in Los Angeles and has appeared in several television commercials including a National Hanes commercial with Michael Jordan. Despite how awesome it was to meet MJ, Raul still remains a diehard Laker fan and desperately wants Phil Jackson back.


Entertain? Sure, why not. That's what I've been doing since I use to take empty paper towel rolls, pretend it was a microphone and I was the host of Double Dare, like my main man Marc Summers. Whether it's on stage (in cities like Chicago, Boston, LA, and more), in front of the camera, or on a real mic showing you my beautiful city of Los Angeles, I'm in my comfort zone being as cool as the other side of the pillow, putting a smile on your face. When I'm not being an actor, I'm playing basketball and baseball, watching TV, pretending to be a WWE superstar, giving smoldering looks, or just relaxing while soaking up the California sun. You may have caught me on a few national commercials for State Farm, Hasbro Games, or Airheads Candy(look up Airheads "Live like a Celebrity") to name a few. If you haven't caught me doing that, catch me driving you around, showing you A Day in LA via the RastaBus.


Brett has wanted to be an actor since he learned how to talk. He is an LA native who grew up in Hawthorne, hometown of the Beach Boys. When college came around, Brett decided to explore the rest of California and studied acting at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA. While in SF, Brett did Segway tours for a top Segway tour company for a little over two years and fell in love with being a tour guide. Also, in SF Brett began to teach himself how to play guitar and has been getting better and better ever since. After almost five years of living in the City by the Bay, Brett moved home to LA to pursue acting professionally. He hopes to someday live comfortably doing acting for voice and TV/Film.



Kelly, a Dayton, Nevada native comes to Southern California after accepting a scholarship to play softball in Orange County. While playing softball, she earned an associates degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Humanities. While currently working towards her degree to be a Surgical Technologist, Kelly enjoys putting her toes in the sand and vibing with some good company, but since becoming a Californian, Kelly has managed to have her heart stolen by the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. No matter the occasion, she always finds ways to crack a joke, and leaves everyone laughing.


A native to southern California, Joseph was born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles. He takes pride in showing travelers around the city of his childhood and adult life. His intimate knowledge of the sprawling metropolis, combined with his love for traveling - he gives an exciting tour with the enthusiam of a traveler at heart, showcasing the city he loves.


BJ was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in the Midwest. He has now return to LA in hopes to further his comedy career and gain the title of "funniest ginger" alive...because CarrotTop is not cutting it!


Harrison has been a Los Angeles local for over 13 years and knows the ins and outs of Los Angeles. Harrison has worked in production and post production for various television programs and companies such as  The Price is Right, Fuel TV, and Bunim/Murray Productions. Harrison is also a crowd energizing comedian that hosts a weekly show at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles and can be seen improv at various theatre in Los Angles.  Harrison has also energized crowds in various city across the country opening for Drew Carey. Harrison is also an adventure cyclist and has biked the Pacific Coast Highway along the California coast. His most recent adventure was cycling solo from Alaska to Florida. You can find more about Harrison’s cycling adventures at


Brian has been leading tours in North America for 10 years. He has guided camping and city tours in all 50 United States and most Canadian provinces. Brian has also served as an international sales representative for the travel industry working in the United Kingdom, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. While not traveling around the world Brian spends his time in Hollywood working on television productions and showing his fellow travelers his favorite city Los Angeles. 



Born and raised on the beaches of Los Angeles, Alissa has always loved travel and the stories it brings (like accidentally driving a rental car down a dirt bike track in Barbados). In between diving trips to the Middle East and Pacific, and enjoying some hidden gems of LA, Alissa did find some time to hit the books and get a history degree; because after all, there are few degrees more suited to the twenty-first century than history. When she's not catching some new music in Los Feliz, or catching some waves in Venice, Alissa is rolling through LA, showcasing the best of the city. Dishing out a local's perspective on everything, from tinsel town and LA's secret history, to the hottest bars on Abbot Kinney and the best spots for live music. Because if there's anything she's learned from her adventures abroad, when in doubt, ask a local.


Originally from Chicago, John has been an LA transplant for over 10 years.  John still remains a long suffering Cubs fan. John has been actively writing for many publications throughout his time in Los Angeles including College Humor, The Onion, McSweeney's, and Yankee Pot Roast. During his time in LA, John has been active in the world of improv and sketch comedy and has hosted the improv show Mystic Mondays at iO West for over five years. Someday you will tell your grandchildren that you were once given a tour of Los Angeles by McGiver.  (John hopes to someday star in the inevitable reboot of McGiver).


Joe is originally from Columbus, Ohio and has been living in Los Angeles as an actor for over 15 years now. A lot of his side jobs involved driving around and learning this expansive metropolitan area while listening to various stories about the city and its history on public radio. This lead to an amassed knowledge of fun tidbits and random facts which, along with a passion for entertaining people, adds up to a fun ride on his tour.